You don’t know me at all

Do you think what you see is my identity,

Is that your perception of me?

The external gloss I put on show

Does not reveal the real me you know,

You think you know me so well

But you don’t know me at all I can tell,

By the way you treat and judge me.

I am a man whose very deep inside,

Spiritual through every life,

I choose to live under self rule

And be consciously awake

So do not make that big mistake

Of thinking I don’t know what’s going on

And the silly games you play,

You mistaken if you think I am weak because I am strong.

I can do just as I please

Because I am spiritually and consciously free

And I’ve no need to ask permission from you

That’s my belief,

Do you think i really would disclose to you

My real identity,

Do you really think I’d let you in

To get to know me,

Only few that understand and that are true to me

Know me in reality,

You only know the illusory me.

Via:Daily Prompt: Identity

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