Lost in time

Pavement cracks

Light eschews,

Within the dark

I see shadows of you,

Grey satanic buildings

Growing higher bearing closer,

I always seem to lose you

In this concrete jungle,

Roads criss cross

This placee I knew as home,

Is now a unholy satanic, demon

Dwelling place,

For seething malicious ne’er-do-wells,

With nothing more to do.

How did I lose you

In the shadows and the dark avenues of my mind,

How did you disappear

What caused me to go so blind,

We lost everything in the murky

Swamps of time,

The anguish I now Feel is over you

I pontificated over all life and how it’s skewed

Suddenly I had lost sight and tack of you its true,

And lamenting all that I have lost is nothing new

As I am reconciled to having lost you,

The pain still there and will always be,

Rooted deep in memory

I give salutations to those who sing the blues

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