Whispers echo through her ear

Resonating through her head

A sound of myriad voices

In hushed tones with heavy breaths

Her lips are moist her eyes closed

Her heart rate hits faster beats

She struggles to contain and stifle the sounds

That give away she’s going over the brink

These whispers arethoughts running wild

And take her to places she’s never been

She is not quite sure where They come from

But they create technicolour dreams

Of images or discovery and visions

Of some most extrodinary scenes

Her breathing like that in her head now

Has started commanding everything

As she writhes in herbed tangled in her sheets

She continues on with the whispers and dreams

Unable to control or even stop them

Damp now is the state of her sheets

As perspiration and wetness she’s emitting

Is taking onto a voyage of discovery

It’s giving her feelings and sensations

That she could never have believed

The whispers are subtle and enticing

And instilling within her new beliefs

That there is so much more to her being

Then she could have truly ever believed.

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