Feindishly ghoulish

The fiendishly ghoulish

Lurking in the shadows of the night,

The fiendishly ghoulish

They appear when you turn out the light,

The feindishly ghoulish

Hiding under your bed at night,

The feindishly ghoulish

They look to give you such a fright

And the feindishly ghoulish

Decide to come out and play,

If you’re scared of your own shadow

You best keep yourself hidden away

And when the feindishly ghoulish

Are looking to feast on on some poor souls,

Then you had better find some friends,

So they do not find you all alone,

Because the feindishly ghoulish

Will look to devour you whole,

Now beware the feindishly ghoulish

For they are all on Halloween Patrol.

Via: Daily Prompt: Ghoulish

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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