Cold and heartless

You ripped my heart out

You left me in little bits

My faith in myself was in doubt

You left me down and out.

You say we were only being physical

Friends with benefits

It was not meant to be any more than this

But I fell in love with you

And although we were the perfect match

You refused to this

Wanted to move to experiences new

So you found yourself a new friend

To give you all you need

Ripping out my heart and leaving it bleed

Mounted on the headboard of your bed

Along with everybody else.

Now you give men what they need

And in return you’re pleasures and you’re pleased

Then you rip out their hearts and leave them on their knees.

When I first met you

You well feeling sad

The place that you was in is best described as bad

And I rescued you

And you dumped on me

I made you happy

And put you back together

That was your cue to want more than me

So you walked away Leaving me in misery

You’re heartless

You’re cold

And you may end up all alone

But I guess that’s the risk you’re willing to take

But your looks and fit body will one day fade

So now I am moving on and walking away.

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