Mystery Women

Beautiful and Mysterious Female Portrait Illustrations by Tom Bagshaw


Women are a mystery to me

yet I am captivated by their beauty

I love the softness of their skin

I love the fact that they don’t hide their emotions

and although I generalise

I find women are often on my mind

they often fixate me

and often are my muse

for everything I do

though they remain a mystery to me

I am still enamored by their beauty

not in a misogynistic way

but in respect in every way

they are smart

they are graceful

they are warrior clad in lace

they are strong but also vunerable

they ease the majority of all my troubles

and though I have three daughters

as pretty and smart and funny as anyone can be

I still sit here bemused

women to me remain a mystery

I guess that’s what love about you

you are beautiful mysteries.


Via: Daily Prompt: Mystery


Image courtesy of Pinterest

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