I defy you

In all your corruption

I defy you

In your exploitation of our world I will deny you

In your power crazed war like ways

I will stand against you

It time to turn the pressure up

Its time to turn against you.

You think I can be brought by your money?

Keep your material stuff it won’t make my life complete

You can eat your own genetically modified food

I stick with organic which is better for you.

Hide away in your ivory towers

Keep trying to hoade the power

To make up for insecurities

To cover your impotent banality

And when you try oppressing women

With your so called masculinity

I will be there in defiance of you

Stand against the wrongful things you do

In your misogynistic

Earth raping

There’s no escaping

Your polluted

Diseased and perverted

Twisted society

But I will always fight you

And expose the demonic nature in you

And stand for the truth

And expose all of your lies

And the cruelty you treat people with

Time after time

Everything you represent

I want you to know I stand against and despise.

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