We need to demand better

Snarling, lecherous,

Power obsessed, greedy

Fat cats in their tight sweaty shirts and suits

Slithering around corridors of power

Or in their corporate ivory towers

With thoughts of sex so obscene

With thoughts to extreme

For us to envisage or conceive

These dirty men of demonic seed

These twisted deviants

Who no limits, they have fetishes

Some of them with kids in it

Yet this criminality is covered up

Evidence shredded it’s to messed up

These people believe they are above and beyond

Any normal laws and rules

These desperate, misogynis

Vermin who we should not consider as human

But instead what they are, leeches and worms

Making normal people squirm

These corporate suits and politicians

Who are supposed to set standards of behaviour high

By not cheating, telling no lies

And not abusing positions of trust

But in the end succumb to lust

Of everything normal people know is wrong

But instead we vote for them to carry on

Or buy the products without conscious thought.

If you want to change society

Then we need to change

Who we choose to lead

People less depraved

And filled with less deceit.

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