Lights in the night sky

A ring of light

In a dark night

Moving, shifting

Left and right

Breathless, captured

By the lights

Standing still

No fear no fright

Just wishing

Contact to be made

And maybe taken

On a journey

Or an adventure

Far away

Deep within

Depths of space

To visit planets

And species

Near and far

Surfing on space boards

Among the stars

Celebrating supernovas

Exploding giving rise

To new planets

Drifting in and out

Of the multiverse

In and out of

Dimensional portals

Witnessing the beauty

Of nebulae

And colour gaseous

Clouds giving off

Rainbow displays

All of this I dream

Right here

In my imagination

It’s all so clear

Yet here I stand watching

These shifting lights

Wistfully hoping

That my plight

May one day

Spring to life

Instead I stand here

In the night

Gazing up at the


Alone and abandoned

Far away from my home

Somewhere in the


This is where I feel

I meant to be

Not here alone

I feel I am of alien seed.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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