We think we have it so hard

But what do we know,

So many people suffering real woes

That their choice of life or death is not their own,

They’ve gone beyond the ability to cry real tears

They have gone beyond any reason to fear,

And yet we feel sorry for ourselves

Think in comparison our small problems that we can’t bare

Could ever match up I swear,

They’re so wrong

For them life’s not long.

I am left choked with tears

Thinking people losing loved ones so dear,

It makes me cry like Niagara Falls

And I am not ashamed to admit this,

My hearbreaks when life becomes this realistic,

And all my problems slip away into mediocrity

When I see people suffering from terminal disease,

I don’t know how they’re supposed to cope

Not sure if I would but then who knows,

I guess we must all hope we will never have to travel

Down that fearful road,

So let your problems go

Go along with the flow,

And smile each day

Let you worries simple fade to grey

And be grateful for every single day

And be thankful for everything in every way

And find inner peace

And share your love

And say a prayer.

9 thoughts on “Heartbreak

  1. I don’t agree entirely. While it is sure true that some problems are objectively worse than others, every problem is still an emotional hurdle to overcome. And how hard or easy that is entirely depends on the subjective situation. It can often help to zoom out and see a bigger picture but when you are in emotional pain because you got rejected it is every bit as real as any other emotional pain. All you can do is take your pain seriously and then find a way to deal with it. If putting it in perspective to other suffering makes you feel better, that’s great! If it doesn’t, don’t put yourself down.

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