One movement means strength

What this world needs are people that care

And I know that there are so many out there

We need to network in one unified group

Sometimes being fractured and divided is no good

We need to stand under one banner with one voice

So strong that we give governments no choice

But to do more than they presently do

Making this world better for me And you

It’s my hope

Its my dream

All those who care

Step up and start marching

On a global scale

To claim back our Earth

So it can be healed

And put the exploitation to an end

Because our planet needs a network of friends

To save it and humanity

To bring us back from the edge of self extinction

And raise humanity up to a higher frequency of distinction

So let’s unite

For divided we are weak and that’s what they want

To fracture all movements

In hope fail

But we must go beyond the pail

And win the day.

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