Racist by proxy

He said he was racist by proxy

This was how he was raised,

By family and a father that instilled in him these ways

And he had heard nothing different to make choices,

Just the same old fascist white supremacist voices

And so he needed an alternative view

He needs understanding and perspective that is new,

Don’t hate on people when we don’t know what they go through

But try to win them over with different aspects different views,

We need to share the love,

Even with those that seem to be opposing us,

Share the love

And people I believe can change,

Because using confrontation doesn’t always work

And hardens the attitudes

And your efforts are reversed,

You don’t win people over you don’t win them round,

By shouting in their faces

And trying to drown them out,

This is true without a doubt,

We must share the love throughout this life

And maybe achieve some equal rights.

Via:Daily Prompt:Proxy

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