He saw her lust on display

He could still smell the faint scent of you

And remember all the things you liked to do

The risks you run made it so fun

You promised each other not to fall in love

You shared long nights in the throes of lust

We did not let it ever come between us

He satisfied in a way I couldn’t

You did things I thought you wouldn’t

But seeing how much you gained from it

Seeing the passion made me believe it

Was the best decision we could have made

And I swore to not get jealous in anyway

I have so say it blew me away

Seeing how he made you react that way

Seeing you pleasures really made my days

And it brought us closer together

And we cared nothing about what others may say

It may sound strange to carry on this way

But we were both happy and satisfied this way

So who cares what anybody else says

It was amazing witnessing you in this erotic and sensual display

And getting fulfilled in everyway.

Via: Daily Prompt: Faint

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