Faint hope

I see that faint look, that gives me hope,

that people might just care enough to save this world,

I see that faint chance that you may believe,

that climate change is real and there for all to see,

I see a faint glimmer of light shining through

that my appeal that I make to you,

may just hit home.

It’s a faint hope but I won’t give up

for my love for this earth goes further than,

my love for a nation or my love for greed,

I want clean air and plastic free sea,

I want organic food and not GM,

I dream of a day when earth is truly green again,

It’s a faint hope but one that we need to hold on to,

It’s a faint hope but it’s worth fighting for.

So if we all shine our light in unity as one,

we may just win the day and governments,

will do and help heal and restore instead

of exploiting a fracking in their drive for more,

power and money, which we should all deplore

and help put and end to all these senseless wars

and give our selves the faint hope

that maybe one day we shall live in peace

and this life of fear will be no more,

so don’t give up and don’t give in,

no matter how faint the chances may seem,

We must do more.


Via Daily Prompt: Faint


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