One nation

This one nation

A global nation

Should be a nation

Based on love

Where colour and creed

And religious beliefs

Are all accepted

And celebrated

Oppressing no others

A global nation

Not of haters but lovers

No boarders

No anthems

Not flags

Just one united nation

With one common goal

To live in kindness

To live in compassion

To li e in peace

With unconditional

Love for all.

This united nation

Of rainbow colours

Of a multitude of ideas

And beliefs

That brings richness

As well as variety

We need to kinder

And preserve all other species

That we share this planet with.

As a united nation

We need more environmental care

To preserve and nurture our home

Learning to be fair

Learning to share

Not losing ourselves

In greedy exploitation

For material ingratiation

We as one global nation

Will get more from life

With greater integration

Learning to live as a united humanity

Brothers and sisters all

Respect for all

Love for all

Harken to my global call

For a paradigm shift

Within our conscious thoughts

Knowing if there is change in each of us

Then it could lead to change in all

We need to heal as a race

From all the atrocities that have taken place

Heal other species

And return nature’s grace

Make this world a greener place

One nation

A global nation

Forgiving itself

For past depredations

Ensuring no more poverty

No more starvation

One united global nation

Sharing love, peace and compassion

In a divine integration

Of heart, soul and conscious mind

One united global nation

We must make this our time.

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