Our world

Our world we’ve choked with wires and plugs

Once great ships and shipyards now turn to rust,

Industries idle, no more stomping of boots

From the hoards of workers who gave their all,

In this world we see masses of disused goods,

Piled high in mountains in some third world countries

Destitute neighbourhood,

Out of sight and out of mind

From the advanced western eyes,

The coal mines and steel factories

Mostly silent and idle,

Left as a scar and a testament.

Nuclear stations in Russia and Japan

Will stand as a failure of man who does not understand,

That some energy is dirty,

Some energy is dangerous,

That not all knowledge leads to good things.

Remnants of man’s insatiable lust for progress and greed

Mans failure to appreciate

Man is so naive,

It tampers with nature and messes it up,

Man is not the creator

Its not as amazing as nature.

Cities blight once green and pleasant lands

Forests perished so that man,

Could spread like a virus

Over many species habitats,

And when we are gone, because we refused to turn back

From climate change and nuclear war,

These concrete structures will be used no more,

They will not rot nor decay

But nature will hide them away,

Under swathes of its verdency

Under a vegetative display,

As if covering our embarrassment

As to hide our folly,

Rusting, cars, bikes and lorries,

Rotting and in decay,

In this time when man has gone away.

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