Love is not what you’re told

You think you know love

But it is just what you have been told,

Taught and instilled within since you were young,

Magazines and media define just what love is

But its an expectation that doesn’t really exist,

If you want to know what live is

Then open up your heart,

Go deep within yourself and that will be a start,

Open up your consciousness

Then open up your mind and eyes,

Then maybe you will then just realise,

That love is unconditional

That you should feel for all mankind,

Not this sugar coated stuff that media defines,

Love is there in all of us

Its not jealous or obssessed,

That’s our ego based insecurities

So if you think you know what love is,

Take a look again,

You may have got it wrong,

Because of your conditioning,

Just open up yourself,

Your mind, your eyes and then your heart,

And redefine all that you think you know

And decide upon making a brand new start

To better understand what love is.

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