Rise up with explanation of pure elucidation

rise up in an atmosphere of amazing illumination

we can reach out for the stars in a spiritual transformation

outside of want and need and self gratification

yes we can find the answers if we embrace trenscenadation

and be the change within and show the variations

of spirit and being that is o different from our present station

and move away from the self abuse and negative violations

and see within our soul the many variable striations

that we ignore and push aside even sometimes within the meditation

of who we are and what we can be even though it causes variations

within our thinking and practices and brings about destabilization

but it’s all part of establishing a total reorientation

of everything we thought we knew, but know now holds no justification

when we find the change within ourselves we uncover the realisation

and a paradigm shift towards a better more evolved you as a more established foundation

and release our spirits from the past regrets and self adjudication

that has held us down and held us in place from any inspiration.


Via: Daily Prompt: Atmosphere




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