Particular place and time

There is a particular part of the universe

from whence we all came

but you wont find it searing outside

for it is rooted deep within what we think of as the brain

but actually it’s the subconscious

installed deep within our programming

that takes us back a thousand lifetimes

to a date when we were for by creation

out of energy and light and sent spiralling

throughout the constallations

to find a place where we could create

a humanity based around inspiration

but somehow some way something happened

to bring about a change to our preset positive way

to keep creating negatives over and over again

but if we go to default mode

and reconnect with the love

we can be the transformation

that could easily be enough

to change the way we live as a human race

and see us re orientate the world to a place of peace and grace.


Via Daily Prompt: Particular

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