Shine your light so bright

I am worn down

by these harsh times

but I will not be broken

I am sensing so much darkness

yet I am still shining my light

and although this life is filled with greed

I still see people helping those in need

so I keep the belief

that there is still hope underneath

all this violence and destruction

all this hating and ego constructing

I still see those who know that life

is about living in the love and the light

I don’t need you telling me I am wrong

I won’t sing along to xenophobic songs

I care not what colour somebody may be

I care not about their beliefs

for they have the right to believe

anything they want too

as long as it does not impinge on me

I only care that you have love in your heart

and that you are a compassionate shining star.

This life is what you make it

this life is how you create it

put aside your ego, greed and vanity

connect with the love and the unity

of a coexistent humanity

shine you light so bright

Shine you love light

Shine your love so bright

and lets shine our united combined light.

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