The act


He touched her body for the first time

and she tingled with static electricity

that touch felt so insatiably sublime,

she felt the energy of yearning racing up and down

felt the essence f her being start to flow

she knew that in this moment she had lost control

and she felt the touch of his moving everywhere,

she felt a quivering within that she could hardly bare

but she could not stop it and would if she she could

and now she felt the full force of her sensual mood,

as he turned her around bent her over, so she was face down,

over the kitchen worktop as the lights were down and very little sound,

she felt the short tight dress of hers being lifted round,

her slender hips and she knew that she was ready for this,

she felt his body on hers as he turned her head and kissed

her longing and moistened lips as his hands gripped her by the hips,

she found herself in moment of incredible bliss,

one slow thrust and she did not resist but instead devoured his manly kiss

and as he filled her with desire and lust,

as he sought the rhythm that she loved,

she moaned and murmured and moved in time,

trying to make this moment more and more divine.

This was a dangerous love, of that she knew

but needed this so much there was nothing she could do

and though as she felt him pushing through

the best experiences she once knew,

she was aware that when they were through

she may easily become unglued,

because they were doing something that they should not do

and at that moment where she let herself go,

and in the heat of passion where both their bodies flowed,

she reached the climax of her desire and lust

and savored ever second of his final thrusts.

He then pulled down her dress

and tidied himself up

and left discreetly, her following like they knew they must

and as they walked back into the charming dinner party

she knew they had both broken their partners trust

and she felt the burning heat still on her cheeks

and as his wife smiled at her she thought that she might weep,

the four of them sat their all looking at each other,

and her husband put his hand on leg and said,

‘did that feel divine? did he blow your mind?

because we all just want to spend some time

embracing the feeling of sharing from time to time’,

and I swear her jaw almost hit the floor,

as he opened up a deviant door,

that would see her doing this some more,

and smiled and said ‘that she adored,

the thought of continuing this more and more’

and they agreed that as they all knew the score,

there would be not guilt nor jealousy,

just a connection of physical sex, love and lust,

so no one would feel as though, there was a loss of trust

and they all agreed to agree to this vow,

and all agreed to stand by this pact,

they had all agreed to bring her in with this act

and she smiled happily because she was more that satisfied with that,

knowing that what she just felt, was going to come back,

she was excited and elated by the anticipation of that.



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