I can’t work people out

I find people so hard to understand

I find people so difficult to work out

I guess it’s because we are different

We are all unique in the end

But why some people avoid love is a mystery to me

Why some people want war instead of peace

Is unbelievable to me

Why some people care less about this planet

Is a crazy way of being to me

Why people shy from spirituality

Is honestly baffling to me

And why people choose to be bad rather than good

Even they they know what’s right

Leaves my head spinning round

I cannot ever understand

What it is that makes people work

Some choose to heal

Some choose to hurt

It confuses me

Why people choose to see

Only negativity

See no benefits in positivity

It’s too strange to me

But I guess that’s what they call diversity

And on many issues we will not agree

But let’s agree to accept these differences

And choose where we can to be friends

And build a better society

And learn to embrace each other culturally

Because we will never in the end work each other out

Of this there is no doubt

But may if we learn to get along

That may help.

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