The longest time

I have waited the longest time

And worked so hard to see change

I’ve tried so many different things

But things remain the same

I put my dreams out to the universe

I’ve been euphoric and I’ve been hurt

I guess my time has yet to come

But I am running out of time

So maybe this is meant to be my life

One struggle, one of hardship

Never any cause for anything other than this

It will never be easy and this

Maybe the lesson I need to learn this time round

I guess at least when I bow out

I can be happy I did my best

Never tried to hurt no one

Simply tried to foster love

Fought for peace and compassion

I helped all those I could in need

Despite the fact I had nothing

My children are my life

They are my shining light

They amaze me for they are the best thing

That ever happened in my life

The thought of them always makes me happy

I wish I could have given them more

But I know they understand

That I do what I can

And so they give my life so much meaning

I give thanks for this believing

That the wealth does not come from money but from love

So always make more time for this

It’s far better than anything

And you will bow out contented in the end

Knowing you did your best my friend.

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