Beware the wolves that are in disguise,

You can see their deception in their eyes

And the sound of their fake cries,

As they try to draw you closer to strike.

Beware sheep are not always what they seem

At times they are cold and calculating,

Pretending to be so meek, so mild and kind

But then they spring at you from behind,

Rarely do they act when eye to eye

They are full of hunger and despite,

Jealous of what you are doing and have done in life.

Beware of false prophets,

Preaching the art of mastering,

The only thing the seek to master,

Is control over you,

So they teach subjugation and just how to submit,

To give your life, money and everything,

Over to this false prophets.

Beware those in power,

Because they are destructive and corrupt,

Know this truth, those who seek power,

Never should be given it.

Beware your own delusions

And those domesticated illusions,

Learn to think for yourself,

Learn to question everything,

Especially when you see it does not fit,

Life is one long lesson,

Make sure that you study it,

So you don’t fall foul of those who pray on you.

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