Not real problems

In the real world

People waste,

So much time

On things

They heard,

That entered

Their minds,

Because they

Are blind

To what’s

Important and not

To matters

And don’t

To what

Will change

Things and won’t.

They fret

And they stress

Over trial things

They rant

And they rage

Over insignificant things

Why do they

Get caught up

Why do they

Get involved

To problems

That can’t

Be solved

Or resolved

They should

Make this

Stress in

Their life

Finally annulled.

4 thoughts on “Not real problems

    1. My step son keeps raging about things that he reads on the Internet that annoy and upset him but that are so obscure he must search them out. Lol that was my inspiration. Thank you for reading and appreciating.

      Liked by 1 person

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