Percussive sounds

There are percussive sound waves

That echoes throughout the universe

And if our hearing was capable of recieving it

We would understand the verse,

Of a supanova exploding or meteors hitting home,

The sound of collisions from to alien, ancient stones

And if we tuned into a frequency that operated on that scale,

We would be one with the vibration of the cosmic veil

And so much that’s presently unknown,

We would quickly learn

But we act as if it’s not of our concern,

As we get lost in all the trivial and lost in the mundane,

We do not understand about how universe works today,

So we keep sailing blindly on a course to nowhere

And so will never get any further,

Than the end our limited knowledge and thinking,

So we are stuck here on our beautiful rock,

Unable to voyage any further at this point,

We need to listen,

We need to learn,

Rather than just simply observe,

A universe far to vast to see everything at once.

Via:Daily Prompt: Percussive

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