Beauty of light

She glistens like the first snow of winter,

Layers of perfection catching eyes,

She has a soul of purest gold and much compassion,

She is the most amazing woman you could ever know,

She is as radiant and as colourful

As a myriad of lights on any Christmas tree

And she twinkles as if made of filigree.

I hear music from within her

A trance like symphonic sound,

She dances with an energy that

Sends positive vibrations through the ground,

Her heart fires out laser beams of love that brightens up the night,

She’s an incandescent angel that’s in flight

And in all my dreams she is my main theme,

And she flows like a effervescent mountain stream,

She’s angelic, she is graceful

She is humourously playful,

She is a beauty of a prism coloured dream.

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