How does it feel

How does it feel to be left in the cold

how does it feel growing old alone

how does it feel well I guess you don’t care

because at this stage in life, you are not there

How does it feel, well you would not know

and don’t think you are bothered

you just keep on living your life

but maybe one day, this maybe you

and maybe one day, you will realise the truth

that being left out in the cold

and growing old alone

is not something to inflict on someone.

So just please care and take time to share

let somebody know that you will always be there

do not forget and let them slip from your mind

because it may cause them to slip from life.

How does it feel

it don’t feel great

how does it feel,

there is no help from the state

so we have fill the gap

and let them know it’s ok.

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