She wears skin tight jeans

Thigh high boots that drive him insane

And with her tight knitted top fitting all her curves

He knew he would have to find the nerve

To speak to this beautiful woman

To tell how she looked amazing.

After striking up a conversation

After sipping on a few drinks

In a dark room at the party

They found themselves kissing

And as they kissed he let his hands wander

Moving over her body so firm

Soon he had undone her belt buckle

And watched as he slowly undid her jeans

He could not believe he was doing this

He could not believe she let him

And soon in this darkened room

Her jeans were down and he was behind her

Her top was up and his hands cupped her

And it was heavenly as he loved her

And she urged him on and cried for much more

This was something he had pictured

A thought that he adored

And as they both reached their peak

He gave her so much more.

After it was over they tied themselves up

He helped her zip up her jeans

Kissed and spoke words of love

He said I’d like to see maybe more

She said that sounded good

As they returned to the party

They shared another drink

Before his brother came in

And said ‘I see you have met my new wife,

She is amazing and has changed my life

She is the love on my life’,

And they all smiled

And he felt bad, could not believe he’d took his brothers wife

She could not believe they were brothers

Both of them she knew now were skilled lovers

What were they to do but say nothing

What he didn’t know could hurt him

It will be interesting to see how this plays out

Both feeling guilt and betrayal

Both wanting to want to work out on each other once again

But both knowing if they did again

They would run the of causing his brother so much pain.

Image courtesy of Pinterest


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