Judgemental society

Society is becoming more judgemental

Without self analysing

Not looking at ourselves

To busy judging and criticising everybody else

Living lives not creative

Lacking the imaginative flair

So focusing on what they see as faults of others

Not sure why they should truly care

Let those who can do get on with it

And those who can’t go find out where it is and what’s it about

Finding your own creative talent

Connecting with your imaginative thought

Then work at trying to develop a tribe

That follows your work and pushes you on to grow much more.

18 thoughts on “Judgemental society

  1. No one reads my writing, But..What you have written here is so crucial to be read by so many fragile hearts who have become exhausted by impractical judgments. I love your work in progress! I trust your work, if that makes sense to you? Bravo.

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  2. Very true, as far as the views on society today. That’s why I think I like writing on sites like this, because it’s a world of creativity and good criticism, in a positive light. Seeing people create and the love of sharing and divulging information. Can’t really find that walking down the street to often anymore. Great post!

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