Off my trolley

If I were any more jolly

I would be thought of as being off my trolley

Maybe the price of being delusional

Or maybe it’s all just seasonal.

The fact I have survived another year

Met so many fantastic creative people here

Made this hard year more easier to take

Surround by the toxic folks and the fakes

It matters not to me what I achieved

The Compassion, love and unity

That I have encountered Sharing g my works

And reading others stuff of such quality is beserk

You realise how much talent out there

Truly never gets the chance to be aired

The positive works on peace and love

Have lifted my hopes and filled my heart so much

Its helped me believe there is good out there

And some have their eyes open and are fully aware

Of the transition and shift needed in our lives

Standing for benevolence, goodness and right.

Via: Daily Prompt : Jolly

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