Worse case thinking

I could be trapped

A long way from home

I could find myself held hostage by the snow

I go to work and hope that I can get back

To the place of warmth, my home but that confidence lack

I struggle feeling unwell yet I drag myself in

To work my shift because I’ve been taught to believe

That working hard and dutifully

Is the best thing for me.

Yet on a day of feeling so unwell and snow falling all around

I ask myself is this truly good for me

Or is it that a part of my domestication

Just won’t let me it just makes me feel guilty

I love the snow but not when I have to work

I hate feeling ill and feeling that I shirk

If I take time of to try and get myself back fit

Working towards an early grave that’s how it is

For me and others like me who have no choice.

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