Has anyone seen the light?

I find myself in darkness

Struggling to find the light

But I know it’s somewhere here

So I won’t give up the fight

To find a way to reignite it

To return that Luminescent glow

That will show me the right path

That guides me where to go

Its been confusing

It has been hard

And I am still struggling

But I’ve come to far

To ever think of giving up now.

I would like more

But despite all I do

The dice never fall in favour of me

That seems to be life rule

Nothing has ever come easy

What I got came through hard work

And though have not got much

What I got is mine

So as search for the light

Which is elusive to me

I will keep the faith

Keep the love and belief

And if that’s all I have

Then know that is enough

I am that diamond

Hidden in the rough

Waiting to shine.

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