You won’t fall


I can find you

Even though you feel lost,

I can heal you

Despite all your pain,

I can show you light,

I can offer you the hope you need

So don’t ever think,

You are alone

Because I am here for you,

I will be your crutch,

I will be your cure,

I will lift you up,

I will hold you tight,

I am your guardian angel

I won’t let you fall,

I will be there when you cry,

Curled up in a ball

I will be there helping you smile,

Restoring the laughter

That makes you glow.

You are a spirit of so much love and light

You just need to believe in yourself

Let go and take flight

And spread your wings

Then come fly with me

We can do anything

There is nothing we can’t achieve

So just hold my hand

And know that your safe

Know that I am here for you

And will care for you always

Because that is what’s love.

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