Rubble surrounds streets

Once a home to many

Destroyed and now standing

Testament to man’s inhumanity to man

An elegy and lament to those

Who lay among the stones

Mothers, daughters,

Fathers, sons

And as the festive season has begun

We should spread and share a thought

To all of the victims

Before we can have some fun.

People who died as pawns of political

And power filled greedy mechanations

Collateral damage with no real worth

Now buried beneath the cold hard earth

I mourn these people, our family

Those a part of our race

The one race

The human race

They had their lives taken away

Because of a fake theater of hate

In which was once their homes

But now a war zone

They had to scatter find new places to go

And now suffer under xenophobic

Racial hate simply because they sought a safe place.

So at this time of giving just give one thing

Love, tolerance, compassion and peace.

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