Reality is not pretty

I see the ruts and creases highlighted by the dirt on the young girls face

I see the helplessness and destitution resonating with tears in her eyes

I see her tatty ripped and torn clothes caked in mud and grime and echoes of her plight echo in my mind

How cruel and careless humanity can be, to those that their eyes don’t see

Avoidance of these issues people race to switch over their TV screens

Images to upsetting and far to obscene for fragile sensitive souls you see

Someone once told me they would not by my book on poetry because it was upsetting to read

They did not need more bringing down and being faced with reality that causes them to frown

They want happy diversions to keep away the pain and keeping reality away

So they can live in their blissful bubble, unaware of any trouble

Sanitised from life itself, unaware of the suffering happening to everyone else.

Yes I know this is not positive and upbeat

I know this is sad and can be horrifying

But this is reality and it is not always pretty

But that’s only because of our flawed humanity

Chooses not peace and love but hate and brutality.

6 thoughts on “Reality is not pretty

  1. So many of people in this culture numb out rather than face their own pain or the pain of others. While it can be overwhelming and require copious self-care, compassion and empathy will rule in the end. Or the species will end up destroying itself… no?

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