No failure in trying

Crestfallen the emotion we feel when we fail

We always get despondent even when we go beyond the pail

Sometimes we do as much as we can

But it just is not good enough

But we need to understand

Failure is only when you don’t even try

Failure is never defined by giving it your best shot

The fact you tried should mean a lot.

So never be downhearted for giving it a go

Without trying how will you ever know

If you can succeed or not

So never give up trying

No never ever stop.

One thought on “No failure in trying

  1. “You might have loved someone
    Loving till the end but eventually gave up
    You might have washed your face with tears
    Doubting if you’re rejected by love
    Oh your heart! Just like a broken hole in the sky
    Depression and loneliness, down pouring
    Standing on the street, you couldn’t avoid them
    Why not, pleasurably throw away past memory
    Get going now, someone must be waiting
    Look, dark cloud has thinned out, sun light has come out
    Towards the direction of the sun light
    Let your smiling face brighten up
    Love is the color spectrum of the heart
    It makes your life unique
    Love sparkles your future.” – A-Lin

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