Short cut home

Whispers through the trees

Mist covering the ground

The insects and animals sounds

Are the noises to be heard

There is a chill in the air

Dampness from the fine rain

Filtering through the green verdancy of the evergreens

And the moon shines bright

Casting out and iridescent light

And in this scene we see young girl

Somewhere in her twenties

With beauty a plenty

Taking a short cut home through these woods

And as she walks she feels a primordial shiver

Run straight through her warrior like body

Hears sounds of ghouls and demons

Rising up around her giving her reasons

To fear and to panic

But instead she stops and thinks of what to do

And in her mind she plans it out.

Then in a moment in a swirling whirlwind of leaves

And appearing from between all the trees

Forms spring forward on attack she takes side ways steps and a couple back

That give her time to display her martial art skills

That are crafted enough to

Lay her enemy to waste

She then looks around and the surveys the scene

Her foe are all defeated and she feels

The evil that sensed has retreated

So with a satisfied smile she walks away

And as she sees the opening within the glade

And the lights of home resonating her way

She feels the sense of safety again

Before she feels the touch of something on her neck

Cold, slippery and yet

She feels it as it suddenly grips

Her hand grasp and tear at it

She struggles as her feet rise from the floor

And the tendrils grips tighter some more

Attached to a demon that she never saw

And as she struggles in this death grip

No sounds or screws could pass her lips

She thrust her body around and twisted

Struggling to get her feet back on the ground

And she saw the lights of home

And witnessed them get blurry

As she lost focus her face turning blue

She could not believe she missed it

Distracted by thoughts of her family

Had left her vulnerable to the ambush set for her.

Her long slender legs let loose the last futile kicks

Her body contorted and then twisted

Her hands and arms dropped limply to her sides

As her body was left dangling in the night

To cause who ever finds her such fright

Then with a single blink of the eye

Her body was whisked away into the darkness

As the demon mumbled and uttered

Words of her becoming his corpse bride

On which he would savour with delight

An energy of such warrior form and light

Corrupted by his demonic might

Would make the most fitting trophy to display

In a realm of evil and decay.

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