Set your consciousness free

Spectral lights

And prismic colourations

Dance between the stars in. You imagination

Filigree angels on wings of live

Flying to and fro high above

In the night sky I see the beauty of a full moon

Waxing and waning to a cosmic tune

Dancing globes of light of energy of past lives

Join the party in a spiritual flight tonight.

Astral dreaming, astral travelling,

Through the universal galaxies

Manifesting in multiverses and in different dimensions

Crossing different voids and realms

Of which are to many to mention

Multitudinous alien species witness

This consciousness display

Roaring encores as the hear the hallelujah symphony play

To the chorus of a choir that my mind creates

In my imagination it’s unlimited what I create

And some say it’s not real that this all illusion and fake

But I say no more than our lives we choose to live everyday.

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