Cherish life

Cherish your health

More than you cherish wealth

Understand that material things

Mean so very little in the end

When your health’s in decline

And you lose lose your peace or state of mind.

Cherish everyday that you wake up

And know that some people do not have such luck

Rich or poor death does no differentiate

Life is something we must appreciate.

Understand that cherishing life and health

Is the greatest thing that we can do

And once we accept this

Then we need to show gratitude.

Accepting this we must then show love

To ourselves and all we meet along the way

And then we will understand what it means to be happy everyday

Cherish this because it’s denied to many

But without health and love life is empty

What’s the point if all you care about is money

Because on its own

It can not make you happy.

Via:Daily Prompt: Cherish

5 thoughts on “Cherish life

  1. You are welcomed! You better take a nice seat and take some rest.. i am reading all one week blogs so i dunno how many comments i am gonna make haha!. Just kidding. Have a good time.. πŸ˜„πŸ˜†

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