Creative juices

With a sigh she felt herself contemplating

the thoughtful stories in her she was narrating

but thoughts of sensuality kept coming back just to tease

her mind kept wandering off to different places.

She sat back in her chair brushed back her long brown hair

and pondered for a moment about how she was feeling

it only took that momentary lapse for her to feel the love she lacked

and the feeling that she had long gone without.

Beautiful she real was and yoga really did a job of sculpting her body amazingly

and she sat her thinking in her mind of how love felt so sublime

and one thing started to lead to another

as she stretched her legs in font of her parting knees one from another

she knew what she was doing though apprehension filled her mind

but in moments though only thing that was occupying her time

was her hands as they were wondering between her thighs meandering

through her yoga pants in which she liked relaxing

and from a yoga session she had finished not that long ago

and as her hands wandered she took it slow

no point in rushing where she wanted to go

she closed her eyes and thought of some Romeo

and lifting her t shirt aloft she revealed a crop top

and the subtle firm mounds of sculptured beauty

and her hands caressed them both as if it were a duty.

sensual thoughts continued to fill her head

she imagined gasping out of breath as her Romeo

took her to her bed and as she arched back in her chair

she became aware arousal was now so well in play

and her writhing became like a ballet display

contorting twisting as her hands searched and stimulated every place

that she knew she loved to be touched

she knew to well, more than anybody else

and her chest was rising up and down she felt her heart pounding

and her hips gyrated like a salsa dance following the beat

she felt that she was reaching upwards to her peak

and mummers slipped between her lips and flushed now were her cheeks

she now had a craving for an explosive release

like fireworks on the 4th of July

her mind reflecting both her legs open very wide

allowing pleasure to reach inside

and she felt a cosmic light as her muscles constricted

and she burst forth with such delight, her passion was unrestricted

as she felt her essences flow

and the warmth inside her grow

this was the most amazing moment she had now known

for too long now because of the celibacy that she had self imposed

and maybe that’s why her body was fired up on overload

as she sat and just enjoyed the essence flow

and she just say there and basked in her warmth

sat there and enjoyed the moment

so much for writing, at least her imagination and creative juices were flowing

like her body she had no way of knowing

how much passion she could stimulate

but what she just felt would not go to waste

now she had the taste for getting sensual words down on the page.





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