When it’s all gone

What’s going to be left

When everything’s failed

And people realise their societies are stale

When they exploited all they can

Built on every last bit of land

What we going to eat

Will it be Soylent Green

It may be darker than its ever been

Or will the awakened seek safe harbour

In small communities

Building up cottage industries

While the rest of the world combust through greed

All trying to grab just about anything

What will happen

I can tell you one thing

The rich, the presidents, Kings and Queens

Will have made sure they are ok

Hiding behind walls

After treating its people as fools

They will be making sure they don’t suffer one bit

Whatever is needed they will do it

But meanwhile half a world away

In a much more sensible way

People will be uniting and working together

Building new societies hell for leather

Using far more sustainable ideas

No more government

So no more fear

Creating a better world out the ruins

When the time comes what will you be doing

Grabbing what you can in a hope it will last

Or working within communities building something strong

Unlike in the past

That will offer equality for all

And the responsibility of your own self rule.

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