The system is dead

Capitalism and government

Have had their day

Archaic non functional

In almost every way

Going to do in circles

Causing death and destruction

Causing inequality and corruption

The only solution is the existentialist belief

Self government and self authority

There is no authority but your own

But you need to grab in now before it’s sold

As they attempt to buy your soul

To keep you loyal to the system

With a few coins of gold

Just so they can maintain control

But only you know what you need

And know what you want to say

Only you can live life your way

So reject the system it has no worth

And focus on yourself and heal the hurt

And discover your own power deep within

And begin to make a change through existentialist living.

12 thoughts on “The system is dead

  1. Is there such an experience as being an in-divid-ual. Like the spiritual essences, we truly are in bodily form, communities of atoms morphed into molecules and into cells not of what but projections of who we are. The WHO is the higher authority we resonate with as empowering reflections.IN-unable to; Divid-divide; U-you or us; Al-all. We are all communities to-get-her Mother nature or mother Kundalini.

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  2. Excellent post.

    “Democracy is the worst kind, I am sorry,  but it is. We get to pick our leaders..well…

    What if I don’t want a leader? Where does that vote go? I do good on my own, I don’t want to be “led”. Is that freedom?”

    – Doug Stanhope

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      1. I love the way they all stay married 5 minutes and get divorced at the first argument. A lot of wedding gifts I never get an apology letter for giving

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      2. A mate and I have a theory… perhaps they are addicted to the high of getting married and never think of spending anything anonymously to help anyone. You see… if you aren’t excited and happy you must be a bad person.

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