Born to die

Why do some soldiers paint on helmets, ‘Born to die’

And then do it without even asking the reason why

Why do soldiers follow orders so blindly

They should ask questions if nothing more than to see

If what they are risking their lives for is real and worthy

Surely something as obvious as this is a sensible belief

But soldiers are trained not to question anything

Just trained to react against the enemy

And they never stop to question who the enemy is

Is it the ones they are told kill without full reasoning

Or the corporate, arms dealing, greedy men of their own government.

9 thoughts on “Born to die

  1. Very thought provoking, I agree. I wish soldiers, since they are suppose to be a team, could question the motives of their superiors. They are paid based on their rank and lower rankings have no say. They are pawns in the game of war.

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  2. I see this from your perspective too! Consider this, if a soldier loses focus then it’s possible a soldier will die not due to the mission but her own negligence. Wouldn’t it be better to fight for a purpose rather than question the goal?

    I’m a firm believer in pacifism, btw…and I am definitely against corporatism.

    I just find this piece thought-provoking.

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