Clarion song

She is strong woman

With the cosmos in her eyes

She prefers to make love

But she is equally ready to fight

For anything she feels is wrong

She always prepared to make a stand

Standing up for the rights for her fellow man

A beauty with strength coupled with grace and style

She goes after evil wrong doers who are reviled

She has compassion and love in unlimited supply

But an ice cold streak for those causing death through misery and lies

She does not see herself a super hero

But rather more as a necessary evil

She lures them in with her body and her charms

She has the ability to disarm

Any man or woman with her smile of seduction

She has the strength to cause a power reduction

In all those who think themselves to rich and powerful to fall

In the end she can me them crawl

As she gains restitution for their acts of brutality

And for their crimes against humanity

This celestial being who came from the light

Came from the universe to wrong the rights

She is looking to right all of these wrongs

And your dead the moment you hear her clarion song.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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