Duality thinking

I spend my time in sweet duality

split between real world issues and imaginary

trying too balance both these things

so I don’t get lost in one or the other,

I am a day dream lover

but I care about things that are happening in the real world.

It requires focus too divide your time

while trying too stay sane of mind

but go to far too either extreme

you may lose yourself believe me.

In this process of duality

I practice often being mindfully

aware of what I am thinking, and what it’s all about,

asking questions where I find doubt,

some say real world issues are the illusory

but I see them as a lesson too me,

to test my levels of compassion, love and humanity.

Some say dreams are fantasy

but I see truth in the imaginary,

helps to aide you think outside the box,

come up with more and better different answers

than you ever have before.

Maybe others will see me as weird

but this is not something that I fear,

I would not want to be one of mindless flock

a forlorn existence for sure,

I like to be on the cusp of things

yet still have the chance to day dream,

maybe then I am strange too you it’s true

but I believe duality thinking is good for you.

Via: Daily Prompt: Forlorn

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