Thoughtful flow

My mind flows like a river

Sometimes at a trickle

Though sometimes it roars

It has the ability to be fickle

And take to places like Byzantium

Or far off different cosmic worlds called Elysium

Where I fight wars for the Byzantium’s

Or on Elysium I mined for metals like strontium

Then I realise that I understand the conscious link

That of our ability to use our mind to think

We only ever really use a small chink

Of the potential that we possess.

Our imagination and our subconsciousness

We often seem to choose to leave at rest

But in dreams our thoughts race all over the place

As if it’s energy and knowledge needs to escape

Yet we dismiss dreams as illusory

But maybe they are more realistic stories

Of how life could be if we set out conscious mind free

During the time of our awakening.

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