Cyber bully

People cyber bully others until sometimes they die

does it feel good to know that someone took their life,

just because of your nastiness hatefulness and spite,

does it make you feel powerful sitting at your keyboard

in your darkened room attacking and mocking other people,

does it get you off by being such a wicked sod,

do you own the responsibility for those who cannot see a way out

other than taking their life,

do you accept accountability or blame it all on them,

for being weak and trying to defend, what indefensible in the end,

or do you just blame it on everybody else.

I hope if you have been a part, of this troll breed,

that you find it hard to sleep at night or look into a mirror and see

you remembering your hate, nastiness and awful spite

when you do this you diminish your own light,

I hope you seek forgiveness and hope you cry out for redemption

or is this just a pathetic way of getting some attention,

please look at yourself, and make a change,

see how sick and deranged

it is to use your words

simply just to ridicule and hurt.


6 thoughts on “Cyber bully

  1. I’m all against cyber-bullying, but sometimes attacking cyber bullies is cyber bullying in itself. I would not call them “sick and deranged”. Most times, they’re people full of anger and hate and that’s something terrible to live with, so they need more help rather than someone to attack them.

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    1. I see your point but I know and have heard of many that are normal until they get behind the keyboard. Read a bout a 14yr old who took her own life because of cyber bullying. It would be hard to justify their actions to her parents as them being victims too.

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      1. Yeah, there’s no justification for their behaviour, but we need to make sure that all children are raised under circumstances where they don’t feel that they have to lash out at others.

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