Respect all women

"No means no. Yes means Yes. Wherever we go, however we dress." #feminism || This would make for a great chant.


So tell me what gives you the sense that it’s right

when you see a female that delights your eye

to move in, and take the opportunity do some creepy touching

to touch inappropriately and the plead it was meant innocently

tell me what gives you the right too think that’s OK.

I admire the female beauty, their style, their elegance, their grace

but too put unwanted moves on them is nothing more than a disgrace

and too take that further and to use any power

to force yourself on them, brings shame to all men,

i admire and adore the female form, but I am respectful as should be the norm

and too think that trying to charm your way in and somehow get under their skin

using techniques that are disrespectful and shady

always treat women as proper ladies, don’t just look too objectify

see them as another conquest to be aspired too

don’t you understand they have intelligence, wit and feelings too,

do you not ever see the potential they may have

for being more that someone you can boast that you had

most women are more qualified

but men get the jobs because of the old school tie

and tradition is the biggest problem of all

it sees misogyny as acceptable

and this is one of the greatest troubles

the idea of that’s how it’s always been

is not acceptable as a human being

to see others simply as objects

something to be seen as simply useful for sex

we need to be much higher morally than this

ethically it is nothing more than taking the piss

so be the difference, be strong and brave

and act in a far more respectful way

and show them your ability too be impeccably behaved

and maybe in the future all men will change

and this world will be a more equal and far better place.


Image courtesy of Pinterest


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