A world without love

What are we left with if we have no love

Just a life that’s empty and doesn’t nourish us enough

A cold and bitter place in which too exist

Does anybody want too live in a place like this.

What is life without any love

Devoid of all the compassionate stuff

No one caring, just hate and spite

Living in darkness, there would be no light.

Who wants a world where there is no love

Could a world like this sustain us enough

Maybe we she start to wake up

Because we are losing touch

Allowing our negativity to win through

We need more love between me and you

Put aside the grudges and the grievances

Loving you enemy is the the greatest thing you can do

Along with discovering the self love within you

Let unconditional love consume you

Let the love nourish everything you do

Because we can’t survive in a world without love

For this would never ever be enough.

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